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“For too long the dark woman has experienced the adverse impact of the African Holocaust , in that she has been taken from her throne and treated less than a second class citizen within a society  where the power structure is  dominated by those that are hell-bent on seeing her destroyed as the integral fabric of her nations. IT’S TIME TO RISE.”  – Khadijah Ward 


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We Inspire You. Empower You. & Elevate You. To Listen to our Ground-Breaking inspirational audios message us
From the Genes of Warriors

"We are Warriors, Child-bearers, Sisters, Wives, Business-leaders, Nurturers, Teachers. We are the dark-skinned Empresses of the African Realm."

You Were Born Great

"Empresses, recognise your greatness and revel in it, for you cannot wait upon others to validate your god given natural stature”

From ancestral riches and wealth

"Don’t Abdicate Your Throne for the sake of those that hold no regard for you.”

Time to Rise Up

“DarkGirlBoss is the perfect tool to empower, inspire and elevate the greatness of our women and girls.”

Your Storytellers.

Read the stories of 6 Empresses whom achieved incredible results after leaving the corporate plantation.
Khadijah Ward

Author & Founder of DarkGirlBoss

Juliet Ryan

Multiple Business Owner

Kay Johnstone

Founder of the Nubian Ministry of Education

Wendie Barker

DJ, Singer-Song Writer & Owner of BeeFree Driving School

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Together we will rise

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You were born great love you!

No more 9-5

Get off the Corporate Plantation



Empowering our sisters to rise to financial independence. Real life stories and 'DarkGirlBoss Greatness Action Steps'

You can do it too

When You Read these powerful untold stories of PAIN. JOY & POWER of Trailblazing Sheroes that removed themselves from the corporate plantation You will be truly blown away by your sisters’ amazing experiences and undoubtedly be compelled to mirror their financial success.



DarkGirlBoss the Book

DarkGirlBoss the Book is the perfect tool to Inspires, Empower and Elevate Women and Girls. Claim a signed copy from the author sent direct to your door.


You can't become great until you eliminate self-hate

The author’s story of her paradigm shift from self-hate to a position of self-love and greatness. Her prophetic call to becoming a published author &. her TradeMark War with Hugo Boss.  Read her story in the book…DarkGirlBoss

DarkGirlBoss v Hugo boss


Meet the Woman That Took on Hugo Boss & Won!

Khadijah Ward speaks to The Voice Newspaper Leah Sinclair about building a brand, black womanhood and taking on Hugo Boss. https://www.voice-online.co.uk/article/meet-woman-who-took-hugo-boss-and-came-out-top

Once you have read the book DarkGirlBoss and you feel empowered  Join our  Empress Unity VIP All -Access Pass Movement to Achieving Your Goals & Dreams. Meet the story tellers on video on our closed facebook group & our mobile app. You will find the access codes in the book. Together we rise.



Review of DarkGirlBoss by Empress CC

I couldn’t put it down! DarkGirlBoss  had me gripped in a way where I was taken there & bought back again into the present.

Khadijah takes us on a journey of Truth, pain, Insight and empowerment. *DarkGirlBoss* says what it does on the Tin.
The book includes other Incredible stories of Empresses who have succeeded in rising like a Phoenix, despite the obstacles presented to them along the way.
This book instills a sense of ‘incredible’ inside of me, speaks my words & feels my sorrow. This book is like a big sister of support. A True MUST READ for all, but dedicated to the *DarkGirlBoss* within you.


Empress CC



Why DarkGirl BOSS?

We understand where you have come from and where you want to go.

DARKGIRLBOSS is  the  ultimate reference book to inspire, empower and elevate your greatness, You will find yourself reading the stories again and again… discovering new golden nuggets every time from each story.

The Rise of
The DarkGirlBoss

Empresses, we are infinitely stronger when we work in unity to embrace our greatness, And we firmly believe that the Rise of the Dark Girl is a team sport that’s we provide the platform for you to do just that. 

The Only Way
Is Up

What the Sheroes in the book DarkGirlBoss have in common is they they have beaten the corporate plantation. They have broken out of the cycle of doom, followed their dreams and are now living the lives they have always wanted, and you can too.


Our Story is
Your Story

The Sheroes You’ll meet in DarkGirlBoss are ordinary people just like you. When you read their stories you will get to know all about them and learn from their journey.


An Empowering Movement
For Change

Too many DarkGirls are hooked on the 9-5 pay cheque, serving someone else's dream, instead of pursuing your own. DarkGirlBoss empowers you to find your greatness and step off the daily conveyor belt to pursue your own dreams and achieve financial freedom.

If We can do it
So Can You

This 239 page physical book is your Golden ticket. It gives a no holds barred look at how 6 empresses have achieved incredible results after leaving the corporate plantation. 

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